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Muse Music was established in September 1997 to provide an alternative to the ‘High Street’ record shops and also because it was something that the owner Sid Jones (That’s me!), had always wanted to do.

In those days there were more independent record shops around, both brand new and second-hand. Most towns had at least one shop that specialised in personal customer service for music, records and CD retail.

How times have changed! Here we are at the beginning of the second decade in the 21st century and it would seem the corporate fat-cats have taken hold of the world of retail by the throat!!

A large amount of goods are now purchased via the internet and supermarket chain, of course. While these methods may be convenient, Muse Music (That’s Me!!) believes that there is still room for the old-fashioned walk-in shop, where a customer can browse and listen to sounds they may never have heard before. Certainly, the radio and T.V. mainstream only feature a tiny fraction of material available.

People who run ‘Record Shops’ (for want of a better term) add to their own knowledge by listening to customers who are often well-informed and have in-depth understanding of their own particular choice of music.

It’s impossible to be an expert in every musical field, but every effort is made to cover as many different genres as the human brain can cope with.

Many friendships (and even marriages!) have had their beginnings in Muse Music down the years and this is an indication of the importance of a central meeting place in real time in the real world. Let’s face it, life isn’t always about sitting at a computer keyboard !

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by aidy & debs on Muse Music and Love Cafe
Muse Music

We finished the day on Saturday by dropping into this little gem of a record store, beautifully laid out and real friendly people. Even walked out with something I never thought I would see in a record shop which was a re-press of Zodiac – Cosmic Sounds – an obscure psychedellic journey of a record originally released in the 60’s! Defo could not have found this cheaper online either so over the moon with that, thanks Sid! Deb was well pleased with her limited edition dye coloured pressings of The Beatles and The Stones We’ll be back again to see what other treasures you have!

by Debbie Whitelaw aka Dimery on Muse Music and Love Cafe

What a lovely music cafe food was lovely and home baked hmmmm,had some lovely tunes playing while having our tea and cake, hospitality fab, thank you valeen and cid x

by lee coveyduck on Muse Music and Love Cafe
a legend in music retail

Sid it was lovely to see you again after quite an absence and its great that a shop like yours still exists,you have always been a huge help to people like me and our paths crossed around 25 years ago long before the internet and itunes and you tube where most recordings now can be sourced and listened to but you always were helpful at groove records by playing things that may of been of interest to me and also on a few occasions you did me some cassettes of albums by “cressida” and “quatermass” great days that are long since gone but the memories are never forgotten and nobody has ever been as helpful as you in that respect sid,if anyone reads this sid is the most genuine most friendly person who has a true passion for music and his knowledge is amazing and he is the most helpful person ive ever come across in 36 years of buying records and cds.thank you sid and nobody can or ever will replace you.Lee

Sid Rules

I (ady) used to get advice from Sid 30 years ago when he worked in Halifax. Sid always knows instinctively knew what I would like and I always walked away with stunning Cds. I still adore the albums Sid recommended to this day – Fates Warning – The Spectre Within, Early Mekong Delta, Ayreon – Sid was a huge influence on my musical tastes. So glad Sid is still doing the same thing today :-) Get in touch mate Ady

Muse Music

Fantastic place to visit – I spent some time today browsing through the great collection of vinyl and CD’s. Bought two CD’s , one of which (Dylan – Blood on the Tracks) breaks down after 45 secs in due to excessive scratches so really disappointed with that as its unplayable. Having said that it was only £2 so not the end of the world. Just hope that the owner remembers to check CD’s before putting them on the shelves. But go – its the best place in Hebden.

by Paul Campbell on Muse Music and Love Cafe
All the very best!!!

Hope Sid and Valeen are o.k. They really are the nicest people. I love this shop. It, alone would make you want to live in Hebden Bridge.I am so gutted for them. We must support them and the outstanding service they provide. I know Sid never goes online, but want to thank these guys for all they have done.

by Brendan Rooney on Muse Music and Love Cafe
Support Muse and Love Cafe

Sid and Valeen have been persuaded to keep going after 3 major floods and many smaller ones by customers and fans.

We need you !!!

There’s a Record Fair on 24th January 2016 at the Trades Club in support of Muse Music see goo.gl/Y2JLwm

Come along and donate.

by Jennifer Wilson on Muse Music and Love Cafe
Sid and Valeen are brilliant people and deserve our support

This shop is a gem. Both Sid and Valeen are just brilliant people. Their shop/ cafe is the best independant shop in Hebden. I for one will be digging out any unwanted vinyl. Please do the same and support the event at the trades club to buy and sell vinyl.

by Denise Wareing on Muse Music and Love Cafe
Muse needs our help!

Our fabulous little music and coffee shop has been decimated by the floods of Christmas 2015. There is a drive to collect donations of good quality, suitable ‘Sid-type’ vinyl for Sid to sell to help them get back on their feet. It will be a couple of months until the shop is ready to start up again but Sid and Valeen will be around cleaning in the meantime. If any of you past (and future) customers can help it will be much appreciated. This wonderful place cannot die!! See also the Calder Valley Flood Support Facebook Group page. Thank you, Denise

by Doug and Den on Muse Music and Love Cafe
A little haven in a Syco world

Nice place good food great atmosphere great music friendly people 10 out of 10

by Pat Moore on Muse Music and Love Cafe
Another 5 stars

I have been a regular visitor since the late 90s, despite living over 200 miles away. Sid is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and a genuine gentleman. Visits to Muse are a pleasure to be anticipated and savoured. The introduction of coffee and food after the terrible flooding was a stroke of genius, broadening the clientele and livening up the atmosphere. Long may this continue!

by Andy Sutcliffe on Muse Music and Love Cafe
Great coffee and Music

Just got back from Muse and Love Cafe and bought Rhodes new album Wishes lovely atmosphere and best coffee in Hebden Bridge.

Such a refreshing change …

Having travelled from Glasgow for a break in Yorkshire, we stumbled upon Hebden Bridge (a glorious place) and whilst wandering around found your wonderful shop.

Whilst I never actually bought anything, I was introduced to The Marshall Tucker Band by simply asking what was playing. My Father-In-Law did buy a CD so I don’t feel so bad.

A wonderful selection of vinyl, with new and used, and an incredibly passionate music lover as an owner.

I want to live in Hebden Bridge !!!!

by Simon Fletcher on Muse Music and Love Cafe
Richard Thompsos ‘Still’

First time in Muse although I knew it existed. Bought the new Richard Thompson album ‘Still’ on vinyl (of course) and Bill nelson’s Quit Dreaming… on vynil (second hand.) Had a chat. Let’s keep these independent record shops alive!! Better that picking up a CD off a shelf in Tesco.

by R Bennett on Muse Music and Love Cafe
If Carlsberg made record shops.

Have been visiting Sid’s for many years, I only go once or twice a year because I come from Chorley near Preston but it’s always worth the trek.

My music collection just wouldn’t be the same without Sid’s vast knowledge and superb stock. Going though the shop door is like the inner path to outer space, I never leave without some amazing psychedelia!!

Long live Muse Music!

by Paul Blakey on Muse Music and Love Cafe
Simply the best!

Muse Music is a great and most interesting C.D. & Vinyl shop. The superb varied selection of music is chosen by Sid himself, whose knowledge is second to none. If he hasn’t got it, he will get it for you. The C.D’s are easily viewed, laid out spine uppermost for easy selection. Now incorporating the Love cafe both combine to make a truly great visit-and dogs are welcome. Great personal service. Keep up the good work guys. Long may you rule!

by David Hoyle on Muse Music and Love Cafe

I happened to find the Music Cafe last Saturday whilst on a brief visit to the town. I inquired about some background music and Sid gave me the low down and said he’d try to source the CD for me. Yesterday he phoned to say the album was only to be found in vinyl. To say he wasn’t making a fast sale only proved his worth! I’ll certainly be back soon and a CD will be bought! Great customer service..first class ! David


I stumbled on the shop/cafe by accident – but will make a detour next time I’m in the area. A stupendous collection of music and the coffee and ‘Fat Rascal’ scone were delicious. If only he hadn’t sold the new Leonard Cohen CD an hour before my arrival!

by Mark – Rochdale on Muse Music and Love Cafe
Super Sid

I been going into muse music since it opened in 1997. Over the years I’ve become great friends & I can always rely on Sid to get me the latest Melodic Rock release on time & at a great price.

Fantastic shop & and Super Sid is a top bloke

by Sound Shack records on Muse Music and Love Cafe
Sid, Sound Shack loves your work;-)

Sound Shack Records is a REAL time kitchen Table Record Label, Sid has helped us grow the label from the initial CD/zine to our current 14 Track Vinyl LP compilation which features 14 local bands and artists. We LOVE the philosophy and spirit that fuels MUSE MUSIC. We think that life is more important than convenience, computers and speed. We think a place were REAL people who play,listen and love music and can discover new stuff and chat with people who KNOW what they’re talking about is worth everything. Long may your MUSE continue. MUCH LOVE ALWAYS, Nagbea & Ato, Sound Shack Records

One of the best!

Although CD’s are Syd’s mainstay, his knowledge of the vinyl current and back catalogue, along with his ability to winkle out rare gems on the black stuff is legend! And rightly so, after nearly 200 year of peddling music to the masses, in and around the Calder valley and beyond, if he can’t get hold of it, it can not be got! This emporium of the odd and interesting is avery valuable asset indeed….and to top it off you can now have an excellent cuppa coffee n slice of cake, it’s like dropping into your mates house to listen to tunes, chat and score….. cool disks!

by Marcus Johnson on Muse Music and Love Cafe
Keeping the spirit of the record shop alive!

I love this shop; it’s not just about the records and CDs, it’s about the seemingly endless knowledge of the very approachable Sid. He’s more than happy to play anything you’re curious about, and will give you all the background info you need to make an well informed purchase. I wish there were more records shops like this… And on top of this, there is the cafe; my daughter loves to come and have a ham sandwich, and I’m very partial to the coffee Valeen serves up.

Over all, this is a very warm and welcoming record shop and I implore everyone to pay a visit if you haven’t already.

Great cafe, superb music!

What a lucky find! Called in today with my sons after a visit to the scrap yard (long story) and we were really impressed.The warm welcome ,top notch hot chocolates made with real chunks of chocolate and proper leaf tea in a teapot(yes we may be the only ones having hot drinks in this sweltering weather!)Your delicious dandelion and burdock and lemon cakes for them and I had what must be the best value salad in town, just £1.40 for a combination of three tasty items. Loved the varied and interesting music you played, the whole place was a relaxing and friendly experience and we will defiantly call in again when in Hebden.

by Tony Cooper on Muse Music and Love Cafe
It’s got to be a record

Anyone yet to sample the delights of Muse Music & Love Cafe is in for a treat!Hebden Bridge is rightly famous for its wide variety of interesting, great value shops and while Sid and Valeen’s cosy emporium may not be the biggest in town you won’t find a warmer welcome, better music or more delicious coffee and snacks. Sid’s depth of knowledge on music is unbelievable and Valeen has perfected the black art of producing exceptional coffee – so call in soon just for the record, or the CD, or the DVD, or the hot chocolate, or speciality tea, or the toastie!

Rare gem!

My interest in rock music goes back to my teens when a friend introduced me to it at school, my friend also introduced me to Sid who was at that time working for another local independent called Groove Records in Halifax. When Groove sadly closed, Sid opened Muse Music in Hebden Bridge and thankfully it is still going strong. Sid has always been very knowledge about music and his love and interest in it has never waned so you can always be pretty sure he’ll be able to answer any musical queries you may have and recommend something new. I always buy my discs from Muse Music as I like to support a dying industry and keep independents in business, it is also about good customer service and an order service for those hard to find items, both of which you get here too. Long may this rare gem of a shop remain! You can also have a good cuppa and a bite to eat from Love Cafe while you browse.

Sound Shack CD & Fanzine

What a great shop and super positive bloke Sid is. He is really helping us get our fanzine and CD compilation of local bands and music to the beautiful people of Hebden Bridge.Muse is a place where you will find great music, and music lovers should make their way to the shop and experience the coffee and the company that awaits you there. Much Love, Nagbea.xxx

What a record shop should be!

I manage to get to the shop around once a month and it’s such a nice friendly atmosphere. Sid is always pleased to see you and always has time to chat and recommend music that you may be curious about and will even put it on so you can get a feel of it if you’re still uncertain. Many times I’ve come away with a CD after listening to his honest opinion and it’s been a blinder…last recommendation… Midwich Assembly!
Plus now Valeen has the food area you can enjoy a brew or snack while chatting away and listening to some cool sounds. My favourite place in Hebden.

The Best

I have been ordering my CD’s from Sidney for about 15 years, and he has done a sterling job getting me the new to obscure and everything in between. He has risen to every challenge and rarely fails to deliver. I did visit the shop in July 2009, and look forward to seeing the new shop for myself in 2013. Sid is one of the very few independent record shops still going and we should support him 100%, the service he gives you do not get from the bigger store.
The love café looks a great addition and I shall hope to sample some of the delightful wares for local people.
Keep up the great work Sidney and Valeen.

by Maria Farnell on Muse Music and Love Cafe

Hey Sid,

Long time no see, pleased to see you are still going strong.

Will have to come and visit.

Speak soon

by Phil Smith on Muse Music and Love Cafe

While it is sad that the demise of HMV will add to the ranks of the “shirkers”, surely few will miss the impersonal nature of its stores, and we can all do without the tax evasion of Amazon. Shops such as Manchester’s Piccadilly, Haverfordwest’s AW Jazz and Calderdale’s very own Muse Music and Love Cafe battle on as the remaining champions of the true music fan, but it is only by supporting them that their worth and vitality will be ensured. And unlike the first two establishments, you can get a grand cup of coffee at Sid and Valeen’s!!

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